A Brief Introduction to Pingxiang University

Pingxiang University is a regular institution of higher learning approved by the Ministry of Education of PRC in April, 2013. Pingxinag City where Pingxiang University is located is in the west of Jiangxi Province and boasts of a long history, well-developed industries and a convenient transportation facility, the 120-kilometer long freeway linking to Changsha International Airport, 319 and 320 National Highway crisscrossing within its border, G60 Freeway, Zhe Gang Railway and high-speed railway passing east-west through its border. Pingxiang University has its origin way back in 1941 with the beginning of Pingxiang Provincial Normal School, it began to offer junior college courses in 1978, and was named as Pingixang Educational College in 1982, and it was approved and renamed as Pingxiang College by the Ministry of Education in 1993.

Covering a total area of 170 acres, the university buildings occupy an area of 266,000 square meters. The total value of the teaching instruments and equipments amounts to 59.65 million Yuan, while the university library has nearly one million of paper volumes as well as two hundred fifty thousand electronic volumes of books. The university has 132 different kinds of laboratories, 125 teaching practice and fieldwork bases and 2 provincial-level innovative talent cultivation experiment bases.

Altogether there are 12 departments ranging from Chinese Language and Literature, Foreign Languages, Economics and management, Politics and Law, Mathematics, Arts, Vocational Studies, Mechanical and Electronic Engineering, Material and Chemical Engineering, Computer Science, Physical Education and Primary School Education, including 6 provincial-level characteristic majors and 7 provincial-level demonstration majors. There are also an educational technology center and a continuing education center. Full-time enrollment is 12633, the students are from across China.

Pingxiang University has a strong teachers’ team, among 700 on-the-job teachers and administrative personnel staff there are 508 full-time teachers, of whom 58 are professors and 159 associate professors, 330 teachers with master degrees or Ph. D degrees. 45 teachers are respectively selected as members of Provincial New Century Hundred and Thousand Talent Project, Provincial Noted Teachers, Provincial Young and Middle-aged Backbone Teachers and Provincial Leading Role of Disciplines, and as recipients of special allowances provided by State Council or provincial government.

The quality of our educational teaching has been increasing year on year; good results have been obtained in both provincial and national general examinations and numerous contests for both students and teachers alike. The teachers’ ability in scientific and academic research has strengthened progressively. The whole faculty and staff have already issued more than 1500 theses among which more than 65 are collected by international indexing systems such as SCI and EI, 150 works and textbooks have been published. The faculty and staff have completed and are researching 178 national or provincial scientific and academic projects issued respectively by National Natural Science Foundation of China, National Small and Medium Enterprises Innovation Foundation, the “Eleventh Five-Year Plan” for National Education of China, Open Fund of State Key Laboratory and etc, many of the research results win national and provincial awards.

Benefiting from the development of social economy, support from provincial and municipal government. Pingxiang University is developing rapidly. At present, we are trying to expand and transform Pingxiang University into one mainly offering undergraduate courses and a continuing education center for local community. We welcome foreign institutions of higher learning for international cooperation and educational collaboration. We also welcome qualified teachers to teach English and other courses at the university. 


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